Cast of Characters

Lynne and Jennifer: Writers, Sisters, Friends

“Sunshine” – Lynne’s and Jennifer’s mother
“Daddy” – Lynne’s and Jennifer’s father
“Spiderman” – Lynne’s late husband
“Straighten Up!” – Lynne’s and Jennifer’s sister
“Rip Van Winkle” – Brother-in-Law married to Straighten Up!
“Batman” – Jennifer’s husband
“The Tempest” – Lynne’s and Jennifer’s sister
“Sweeney” – Tempest’s ex-husband
“Angry Eyes” – Lynne’s oldest son
“Busy Buzz” – Lynne’s youngest son
“Grumpy Pants” – Lynne’s daughter
“Little Tweetie Pie” – Lynne’s granddaugher
“Kitchen Queen” – Little Tweetie Pie’s mother
“Impossible Miracle Number One” – Jennifer’s first daughter
“Impossible Miracle Number Two” – Jennifer’s youngest daughter
“Shante-Shante-Shante!” – Tempest’s daughter
“Typhoid Terry” – Tempest’s son